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The Sculptures allow the patterns to solidify the intangible into the material, creating an object of depth from a transparent image. By doing this, the solid form creates its own shadows and reflected patterns, thereby becoming perpetual – an infinite cycle of the tangible creating the intangible, being made solid, and in turn creating more intangible imagery.


My desire is to draw attention to particular subjects, perhaps then others can notice and share my enthusiasm for shadows and be aware of the intricate natural artistry of reflected light. 


Reflected light and shadow create many diverse images and patterns. Yet often they pass unnoticed by the casual eye. They may last for only a fleeting moment and are then lost. My aim is to try to immortalize these moments.

Using a reflected image as the starting point and building on this natural phenomenon, I create a painting or sculpture, which epitomizes and enhances the transparent and lucid optical deceptions, originated by shadows.

The Abstract Paintings may have no formal focal point, rather they throw the eye around in the way a moving pattern of light would do, not allowing the eye to settle as the image constantly deflects and distracts the viewers attention.

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